Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quality control in the "Statistics" several concepts

1, "statistical methods" means
At present, some enterprises in the distribution functions, the use of statistical methods in the Finance department in charge of setting the ground that the whole plant accountants and statisticians in business leadership by the Finance Division. Some enterprises in the quality manual clearly writes: "Our" PRC Statistics Law "Application of statistical techniques ... ...." Obviously, not out to understand the meaning of statistical techniques. Statistical techniques (statistical methods) is the theoretical basis of probability theory a branch of applied mathematics. Random phenomena in the study to determine the mathematical laws of a mathematical discipline. Statistical techniques, including statistical inference and statistical control of two components.

Second, statistical inference and statistical control
Statistical inference is based on data collected (large samples or small samples) of analysis and statistical calculations are the eigenvalues of materials used to predict and infer technologies, such as the application of statistical sampling. Statistical control is based on data collected (large samples or small samples) of analysis and statistical computing eigenvalue obtained is used to predict and control things technical, such as the control diagram. Shows that the quality of statistical techniques in the production of the whole process of the formation and implementation, in every aspect will have its uses. In GB / T 19004.1-1994 idt ISO 9004-1:1994 standard, "20.1 Applications", he wrote: to identify and correct application of modern statistical methods to control every stage of the process of the organization an important factor. Shall establish and maintain a selection of statistical methods and their use for the following work documented procedures: a) market analysis; b) product design; c) credibility of the specification, the longevity and durability prediction; d) process control and process capability research; e) sampling program to determine the level of quality; f) data analysis, performance evaluation and failure analysis; g) process improvement; h) safety evaluation and risk analysis. Can be seen that any one organization does not exist the question whether the application of statistical techniques. Recognizing the importance of statistical techniques, the quality of rings can all be applied at any stage.

Third, statistical methods in the several concepts should be clear
1. Statistical method is the statistical rule, whether natural or social science, there are regular problems. Statistical techniques, is an important method of one of its laws. Broadly speaking, the experience of statistics, common sense is also the statistics, statistics is the law. It is said that some of the old craftsmen, there is no culture of the statistical methods do not know, but they can produce highly skilled crafts. In fact, this is the master of the law, but the results, but to master the process of the law to spend a lot of resources and energy to his life Besides not everyone can. However, if the real master of the statistical techniques, the use of statistical techniques to master the rules, you can learn in a short time, control of product quality. Therefore, application of statistical techniques to obtain better and more economical results. Application of statistical techniques can be better and more economical access to statistical laws. In process control, statistical techniques can be abnormal fluctuations in time to capture a precursor to the producers and managers to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate failure in the process, play a preventive role. Statistical techniques to capture an abnormal fluctuations in each sign, it allows us to eliminate an exception factor. Abnormal factors in the process is limited, so application of statistical techniques can make the process work to achieve the status of random factors only, namely, stability control. 2. Application of statistical methods to control the distribution theory of statistical methods to study random phenomena identified in the De mathematical laws of science, the mathematical laws that determine the quality of data reflected in the distribution. Many statistical methods of analysis and judgments are based on criteria established distribution theory. The most commonly used distribution is normal, there is binomial distribution, Poisson distribution. 3. Application of statistical methods to meet the law of large numbers of shows that only the average number of random phenomena only with a stable, that is law of large numbers. That is only a certain number of samples in the above results it is more accurate conclusions. Statistical law is built on the basis of large amounts of data can be obtained, such as throwing coins, words (or drawings) shows the probability of a large number of tests only to get close to 50%. 4. Application of the principle of small probability events.

Principles of small probability event, also known as small probability event does not occur principle. That "if the probability of event A occurs is small (eg 0.01), but once or less a number of test events A actually occurred, have reason to think that this is unusual and should not happen." Criterion of statistical methods is a small probability event under the principle of get. Therefore, the application of statistical methods necessary risks, "small probability" is to judge the degree of risk [recorded as a>, and its opposite is the confidence level [denoted b>, the relationship between the two is a + b = 1.

4, application of statistical methods have the basic conditions required
1. More solid foundation for enterprise management, a normal management order, the product quality with traceability; 2. Production process is stable, the five factors of human-computer method has been standardized materials, processes controlled in a stable state; 3. The workers, especially full-time quality management and technical personnel have received training in statistical methods, systems, application of statistical methods with flexible capacity; 4. Have the necessary technical, material conditions, such as: with a variety of goods, show the value of accurate measuring instruments, equipment and advanced testing methods, with the necessary computing equipment and record forms.

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