Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ridicule: the workplace, inoffensive "mantra"

From the people of the shunned to aspire to the right of a person's workplace plays a big role in surgery, workplace mantra is one of the important one, in the workplace, some mantra makes you unpleasant, and you , may also not aware of ......

Mantra of - "boring through the"

Colleagues nicknamed "Faye Wong", that gesture, a word - cool! "Faye Wong" mantra is also cool - "boring through," and said this time and make a sick human society, the earthly form, look just like a "Dream" in the Miao Yu.

About her clubbing, she said: "The New World, ah, no time to pop it! Hit to hit to all foreigners, boring, awful.
"About her eating, she said:" is Japanese food, ah, no point of how the new tricks! Shanghai, a Japanese restaurant did not authentic, not uncomfortable in the stomach every time they eat. Like spending so much money, might as well go to Japan to eat authentic, I shall be extremely fresh! In the end is flown in, and boring through the. "Asked her not to chat online chat, she said:" What Girl, frogs, and all are false, boring, awful. "Asked her to see the new popular book did not see," is not that thing, turned a few pages on the throw. Depends on the look original, the translation of the shares is less then charm, boring, awful. "Even my colleagues bought a new dress, she was not interested to see, said to be" the figure on her, what to wear international brands, even if the set of a brand universe may not be pretty! Xian Bai Bai smelly, boring through it! "However, these words only apply to those who can not afford her obvious brand.

You usually have to really ask her doing, experiencing a good mood when she will tell you. "Cargo that kid tried several times to call about me, and did not want to go, not the watch face on the company's business, woven reluctantly agreed. You know, he was the man, boring through, and actually dare to pick open Santana I dared not rise has caused me along the way, fear of being acquaintances see more humiliating it! restaurant is, not even playing the violin, but also two or three thousand dollars a meal, boring, awful. after eating snails in France to 'Jinmao''dancing, broken place that I have to bother, and said not a still non-drag me to one night, did not drink much wine, we opened a bottle of Louis XVI, opinions on that drink drink taste, boring through the ......" this person really is boring through it! (Camplainee: Amay customs staff)

Mantra of - "Let relationship between how"

This is a colleague of Song of a mantra. Usually finish the sentence, ranging from your answer, Song himself has added, "Yes it, is not it?"

I just arrived here on the third day, Song said to me on. At that time very little gratitude, and quickly nodded, this first point, had a great party to meet the requirements of Song - lent him 100 yuan. A few days later, Song also had my 90, said he was a little tight in hand, leaving the 10 dollars a few days and then returning. I was a Paixiong Fu, courtesy of a very hypocritical manner, said: "Who is Who We two, then 10 dollars on restaurant two blocks away when I give you a." Song was really no mention of the 10-dollar things.

Later learned, these words Song Feng Renjiu said. Looking at the two joints of his smile into a small eye, who nerve to deny it? Since iron is a good buddy child relationship, children have to look like a buddy. For example, no tobacco smoked, Song will endure the table to search the drawer to see who is there, whether it be semi-box or a box, seize the equipment to their own pockets; at work was thirsty, no matter who's tea cup, put that on the drink; the most exasperating is that he did not even shave knife today with this, and tomorrow, with the of. Whoever is unhappy, the phrase into a mantra from the laughing Buddha out of the mouth, are not you crying, laughing no. Our unit who secretly about Song Waving could not help but shake his head.

Later, in the dream, the smiling faces of every song with his pet phrase of blossoming in front of me, I will answer him coldly: "We two you are you I am me, a small cotton up with me." To work , the face of Song, is how the rhetoric of the dream would not come. (Complain Person: Mr SOEs Clerk)

The mantra - "When dine with me"

Lee is a special atmosphere of the people there, and his active, if more, never stage fright. But he did not associate a few words are usually not familiar with him, especially an easy mark. For instance, he said, "I take you back to work", you should never do so, he has owned vehicles, but often is as true of people in the office long-awaited, then his wife went back. Until the recall did not see him come and go car park ride in the car, could not help but call when asked, he got home. Mistaken attitude is very good, "I'll come out, made a special trip to send you home." No one can really let people deliberately embarrassed out Yeah, give up the idea. If you blame him the next day, his injustice than you: "Did not I say to meet you the only thing that he can not wait, but also to blame me!"

The most gullible is the food problem. Lee has a mantra - when a meal with it. His friends are not familiar with his words seriously. Generally only provided when the first 5 times so when it shows that he is really old people with you to prepare lunch. If the 6th, he issued the invitation, this meal is conclusive, not only conclusive, and certainly he pays the bill.

Of course, such a situation, when you have received the invitation of his five, is waiting for Susan fasting 6th, he suddenly disappeared, long time no news. If this is the case, when he issued the invitation to you again, before the count on the invalid, and must account from scratch. (Stella property staff)

Mantra of - "rip", "Tut"

Finance people fat, so my words are simple, even the pet phrase of at least streamline the number of words.

"Rip" is used to express discontent. Made this "rip" the sound is to a little skill - the tongue up against the palate, throat out of a gas, will be open red tongue, is commanded in short powerful "rip." Say the word when the financial often Xiezhuo Yan Man, nearest approach to a face full of contempt, that out "rip" is even more contemptuous of the effect of this increase, pounded his desk without her, I know, who of incorrectly claims the.

Run into this situation, timid, and not words will be the first one back in the heart tremble. Hard not to eat soft food met the guy, will be more fiercely across one go: "Well! Who do you think you are. What we will, but also you to do."

Proud of them, will send "tut" sound. Difficult to come! Mouth front end hard, will absorb the tongue against the palate. Soon as after this, will be boasting or bragging, proud face color, "Tut" is just an introduction, a foreshadowing, will lead to the back of the surging "river."

Of course, this "tut" is sometimes said that a kind of admiration, but this admiration is similar to the flatter, like the "editorial story" in the Geling boast cattle Sister "old revolutionary" was not convinced in good faith. (Complain Person: Miss Zhang primary school teachers)

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