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SP chaos: Peace and Prosperity of the market or into

As the second-listed SP, despite the success of landing the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's small board and have a good performance, but still troubled recently Talkweb information. Because the prospectuses of a business, Talkweb information has been vocal opposition of many media.

"Hidden messages" in Puzzle

This caused great concern in the business is Talkweb information in the prospectus to investors recommended stealth key messages. According to introduce the user to use this service will enable users to hide the calling number, and provide call management features such as call screening, Talkweb claim this business to "help improve communication efficiency, improve relationships, so that the user's communications more for the self. "

Talkweb Information Secretary of the Board Xu Yutang In an interview with "communications industry newspaper" reporters, said the company strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of Talkweb, users can only use this service to send to registered users. But he refused to disclose the information to the business Talkweb enrollment.

But stakeholders say suspected Talkweb, an industry spokesman told reporters that the business in its core business, "wireless value-added" income share of more than one third of the total wireless value-added business income ratio Talkweb Information Up to 68%, if only to send the people concentrated in a few users, the business is difficult to extend to such a large scale.

Xu Yutang August 13 to the "communications industry newspaper" journalist said that the current Talkweb not received any advice from the operator's handling, and has no plans to make any changes on the business.

VS profit regulation

Although SP has been operating a hundred types of business, but profits are still concentrated in the traditional focus on 2G era of text messaging and other services. "The current SP homogenization of competition is very serious, we are not too good means of profit." States Securities analyst responsible for the field of telecommunications value-added Ying Jiang told reporters.

Thus, setting all kinds of "smoke charge trap" on a number of SP in order to survive the risky. "Violation is the court death, to die is not illegal." Industry, a SP told reporters.

"Imperfect system of the actual value of the whole telecom market as a source of chaos." An SP who told reporters. For technical reasons, were supposed to be responsible for monitoring the telecommunications market, the Ministry of Industry and Information channels are not too many real-time monitoring.

Topway an example to the reporter called Hunan Telecom Authority stakeholders expressed the details of this incident do not know. "If the actual supervision to be able to move up (to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), the survival of the current predicament of SP will be improved." Jiang Ying, told reporters.

Mirror listed

Although Topway "stealth message" event right and wrong has not yet finalized, but the chaos in the already numerous and reveal a thoroughfare.

It is the root of this incident because Talkweb listing under the magnifying glass placed in community supervision, while the telecommunications value-added industries have been frequent violations, but the listed companies for their own share price performance, not turning a blind eye to public demand.

In fact Topway have realized that, according to its prospectus to the results, the public listing of the majority of the funds raised will be invested in emerging markets such as mobile phone animation, precisely in order to avoid the traditional business of compliance risk. The air before the network went overseas listing, delisting of Hurray even have TOM Online, both are true. Transformation of the air network wireless gateway, Hurray will extend the industrial chain to the upstream CP, TOM Online together eBay, is to avoid the risk of traditional business operations.

If the SP in the first golden age of fish in troubled waters if the majority in the future 3G market will exist not only survival of the fittest, will reshape the market competition rules. This is necessary for the development of telecom value-added market.

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